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Submitted by Project (admin… on Mon, 06/17/2019 - 21:51

Right after I start the survey (I have not given any answers at all yet!) I am informed that there is no way to continue it. It happens suspiciously often. What's wrong?

If enough time has passed since you were invited to take survey, the survey could simply be closed by the time you start. The required number of participants for each questionnaire is determined by the survey owner, and this number is always limited. Try to respond to our invitations as soon as possible.

There is a reason to be concerned if you quickly respond to all invitations, but often or several times in a row you see the end-page with a chain and a ship. With an extremely high probability this means that the automatic quality control system has rejected your participation. Let's see why this can happen, and how not to fall out of favor of smart AI. The reasons can be divided into two large groups:

1.Suspicion of duplicates. If you are registered on many survey sites, sometimes some of them, including ours, may invite you to similar surveys (or even the same ones!) simultaneously. And if you have completed such a survey somewhere, or just tried to complete, then an attempt to pass the same or similar survey on another site will be regarded as a duplicate, and you may not even be allowed to start the survey.

Solution: prioritize. Participating on all survey websites is not always good and, what is important to understand, won’t allow you to earn more. You will get rare opportunities to complete surveys on each website. Though the amount of polls you complete will be the same or even slightly more, this amount will be spread among numerous survey websites. Therefore, it will take extremely long to gain the necessary remuneration for payment request. You would rather cut down the range of survey websites you actively participate on, leaving only Projects where membership reflects your best interest.

2. Suspicion of uncommon or fraudulent behaviour. Once You begin the survey, AI quality control solutions analyze such publicly available information (that you agreed to share by accepting the Agreement and PDP Policy upon registration) about your device as OS, browser, language settings, time, device, geography by IP, etc. These data combined should look real and sincere but in no way arouse suspicion. For example, if your IP refers to Los Angeles, and the time zone to Boston – this is a reason to think that you impersonate someone else. This is unacceptable in the field of marketing research, because we are interested in YOUR opinion.

Solution: look "natural" online. In no case do not use VPN, proxy, anonymizers, content blockers (Adblock) and other programs or settings that prevent you from the normal use of the Internet and do not allow website’s code or scripts to deliver content to your screen. If the problem persists, try taking surveys from another device for a while. Surely you have a smartphone, use it instead of the PC or laptop. If the problem is not present on the second device, then it is exactly in the settings of the first one: OS, browser, time zone, etc.

We do not make a secret of the the fact that we are interested in maximum activity of our participants and successful completion of the maximum number of surveys, and we will be glad if you never face such problems again! But please do not forget about the obligation to comply with our User agreement and privacy & data protection policy that you have accepted to join the Project.