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Affiliate program: refer new people and start making profit!

Invite your friends or any other people you are able to reach out to online to join Survey Harbor! We have taken a good care of you to make you fully set for promoting. Simply sign-up and access personal account area at Survey Harbor. Then copy the referral link you are assigned to. Any user landing on our website after clicking that link will become your lifetime partner.

We use a mixed revenue model comprising:

  • fixed DOI-based reward when the invited user initially signs up;
  • share of all earnings received by your referrals, i.e. you are credited a certain % calculated out of the credits your invited user receives for each successful survey completion or filling out the profiler form. We credit these affiliate incentives additionally and do not subtract it from the survey completion reward.

The both parts your total affiliate income consists of are customizable and we normally agree to increase it up to the premium heights for partners who provide the Project with high traffic volumes and outstanding performance and who respect our ToS and industry standards.