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Sisestatud Project (admin… poolt T, 18/06/2019 - 10:29

Why does the System tell me after the first few answers that I won’t be able to finish the survey?

We are in no way interested in such outcome. Please accept our apologies and assurances that this is not done on purpose. We pay you compensation for the time spent from our own funds, these costs encourage us to work on minimizing such accidents.

We also try to inform you ASAP at the start of the survey that further participation is impossible, as we appreciate your time.

But you should not always think that we have chosen the wrong survey for you. It may happen that you DO match the target group for the survey, but by the time you actually start the poll the quotas for the participants of the same socio-demographic group has already been fully collected. But the invitation letter is already in Your mailbox, we cannot remove it from there. And now you click on the link, and we are forced to inform you that it will not be possible to pass the survey. Such situations are inevitable but are not likely to happen often.

We also recommend to check new surveys on the Survey Harbor website, as it displays more relevant information. So if you see the email sent from us 10 hours ago, this can be a good reason to log into Account at Survey Harbor and double check if this poll is still available or maybe you’ll find some other up-to-date invitations there as well.