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Sisestatud Project (admin… poolt T, 18/06/2019 - 10:42

Why have some Points been deducted from my balance at SH, saying that "Survey fails quality control"?

If there is a discrepancy in the data in your profile questionnaire and survey answers, as well as the lack of logic in the responses during the surveys, status of particular survey completion may be waived by the Customer at the stage of quality control. Here are some examples of when this can happen:

1. In the questionnaire, you indicated that you are 25 years old, and when taking the survey, you specify the age of 27 years;

2. In the survey, you choose the brand "Other" as the brand you use (consume) all the time. And on the next question "what brands do you dislike?" you choose again the brand "Other".

Our System is quite intelligent and impartial. Neither the machine nor the people from the quality control Department will offend you if you participate in our surveys thoughtfully, giving honest and balanced answers.

We kindly remind you that by registering on our website, You accept the rules of Participation, in the Chapter IX of the Rules article "n" gives detailed information and examples of prohibited methods and behavior when taking surveys.