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Sisestatud Project (admin… poolt T, 18/06/2019 - 12:34

In the end of the Survey (80-99% completed) something went wrong and I were redirected to the error page…will I be credited for taking this survey?

If you do not meet the survey criteria, we will inform you ASAP, usually within the first 2 (max.5) minutes. In the case described, you most likely completed the survey successfully, but some technical failure has occurred. Don't worry, it's under control. Unfortunately, as you are not taking the survey on our website and server (please note that the page URL addresses are different), we can’t always protect you from such accidents.

Nevertheless, in such cases, the second, manual level of control is provided. A person later will mark such surveys as successfully completed by you, if you indeed completed them of course. We will credit you properly for this activity, though in the table reflecting your balance changes you’ll see another date for this operation, the date of manual fix instead of the date of factual survey completion. The fix usually occurs within 2 weeks since taking the survey, but can sometimes take up to 2 months (in very rare cases).

If two months have passed but you still do not see proper balance adjustment, please let our support team know, we will investigate the issue. In any case, if this happens, save somewhere the information including the date when the problem survey was taken, its approximate length and/or its promised reward. This will help you to control sorting of your problem and ensure that we honestly credit our bona fide Project participants for their activity.