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Sisestatud Project (admin… poolt T, 18/06/2019 - 12:49

I would like to temporarily stop receiving survey invitations from you, keeping my account live. How do I do that?

In case you are leaving for the vacation in another country or for some other reasons can’t or do not want to participate actively for a while, you’d better deactivate account. This is kind of 'sleeping mode', and the System won’t invite you to any surveys while you are inactive.

Why this needs to be done? If you keep getting survey opportunities from us but ignore many of them in a row, the System may consider that you lost interest to real participation and lower your ‘rating’, so you won’t be invited to surveys very often in future. This will never happen if you use the "sleeping mode" wisely.

The deactivation link can be found at the bottom of any our email. As soon as you click this link you’ll become deactivated, and we’ll confirm it on the page the link leads to. When you are willing to return to us just log into the account at Survey Harbor and since that your account will become active again.