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Sisestatud Project (admin… poolt T, 18/06/2019 - 13:00

The survey is in foreign language. What do I do?

Such accidents may occur, though this is very unlikely to happen. If such an issue does happen, the language of the poll in most cases will be English. So, if you speak English you will most likely never experience this bug. But what should you do in case you don't?

Advanced research in the sphere of AI has given us high-tech solutions for automated and relatively high-quality machine translation. Nowadays anyone can easily translate pages in one's own browser (application you use to open websites, i.e. Google Chrome, Yandex Browser, etc.). Some browsers have these solutions already implemented "from the box" making real-time translation available right after you install the app. Others require to additionally install special plugin.

In case you do not want to adjust or change the browser you are used to, simply ignore the survey made in a language you don't speak. Giving random answers without understanding the meaning of the poll would be the worst option as it may compromise your account and lead to long-lasting negative consequences. That's why either translate the survey using modern in-browser solutions or close it and wait for the new one made in your native language.