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Welcome to Survey Harbor

The major hub with online paid surveys and other rewarded tasks

Speak up and be heard with appreciation

Earn Points for your initiatives and convert it to cash/crypto*

Feel the results of your participation

As Your opinion shifts the world and broadens the horizons for business

User friendly

PaaS Platform for the MR needs

Convenient payouts in reasonable terms.

ATM card

We support payments to bank debit/credit cards and other options.

Maximum security & data protection.

EU data protection standards

We strive for being compliant with the latest EU GDPR Guidelines.

Worldwide network of presence.

low geo limits

The list of states we are presented in is constantly growing.

We value Your time.

time is priceless

We compensate the efforts when You cannot complete the poll due to our fault.

Always online.

panel support

Multi lingual support is pleased to assist You at any time.

Flexible in details.


Choose the preferred language of Surveys, privacy limits or set a temp. vacation mode”.

Your single account for all rewarded survey offers.

There is no longer need to keep an active account on the dozens of similar survey websites and fill out the same boring profile forms everywhere. Most of the survey websites provide You with the same opportunities you won’t be able to complete more than once anyway. Survey Harbor is the official partner of many MR industry giants, aggregating tons of surveys to offer our members.

Knowledge is the key to power

Stay aware of all new trends on the market! Taking our surveys, You’ll find out the difference among the goods and services of the same category and what criteria You should take into account when looking for some. Sometimes You get a chance to participate in a long well-paid study, including samples testing which You may keep afterwards. As you may see, active stand brings far more profit than just direct incentives.



Elen from Ukraine gives feedback about Survey Harbor

First survey invitation was offered instantly after my signup. Hope to take new opportunities, let's see how it develops!

Elen from Ukraine

Ajit from India gives feedback about Survey Harbor

Dear sir/madam, please speed up the financial process to deliver the rewards faster! Can you do that??

Ajit from India

Respondent from Italy shares her experience with Survey Harbor

It seems cool to stick together and become a major influential power, additionally benefiting from it.

Michela from Italy

Respondent from the USA shares his experience on Survey Harbor

Good stuff guys, I like it!

Nathan from the USA