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Affiliate program: tell your friends about Survey Harbor

Help all your buddies to explore our Project, its advantages and opportunities given to respondents. Then beside survey participation you may be credited with points for referring people. How to invite a friend in a way we could know it is your friend? Create an account and log in. Then locate affiliate program area and copy the unique invitation link to share online. Any user landing on the website after clicking that link will be assigned to you. Additionally, we have taken care to ease and comfort the promotion providing you with advertising banners and even the option to share the affiliate link via the most social platforms and messengers right from your account. Try it out!

It has been free to join Survey Harbor portal from day one and will always remain so. We do not receive revenue from affiliate program, because there are no scenarios when we could ask respondents to pay for anything. If stated otherwise, you are dealing with scammers not related to Survey Harbor though mimicking our platform. As for the genuine platform we manage - we benefit from the community growth itself. To boost the growth, the affiliate program is being managed and funded on common grounds.

We use a mixed revenue model to reward partners. It comprises:

  • Fixed DOI-based reward when the invitee initially joins;
  • Partner share of all points credited to your friends,when the referred respondent successfully completes a survey or fills out the profiler form. The respondent would probably never be with us if not your efforts, therefore, we reward both of you for activity. You can look up the exact partner share visiting "Affiliate Program" section within personal account. We credit these affiliate points additionally and do not subtract it from the survey completion reward allocated to friends.

Both parts your final affiliate income consists of are customizable and we normally agree to increase it up to the premium rate for large, active and creative partners, for instance bloggers and webmasters with lots of followers.

Lastly we kindly insist on getting familiar with and respecting the Affiliate Program Terms and industry standards to stay in good relations with everybody and avoid misunderstanding and bans followed by rage and frustration. Just in case let us point out few things supposed to be obvious: it is not allowed to clone own accounts composing bio on the go, it is not allowed to pay invitees to join. With a heavy heart we will nullify the points generated by such means.