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October 25, 2021

Upcoming release of automated instant payouts

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Dear friends, we hope the absence of updates in this section has not caused doubts about the reliability and operability of Survey Harbor. We are tirelessly making improvements and are dedicated to the confident steady growth. We just prefer actions speaking for themselves and do not post anything here without a reason.

Instant payments are, no exaggeration, the most desired update that hundreds of participants have asked us for directly. The update is currently in Beta testing and is scheduled for release at will. We will apply the changes when we are ready, so we cannot give the exact date. We believe, the release is a matter of a few weeks. Your next payment request is highly likely to be processed by the new logic.

At first the changes will apply to roughly 3/4 of the payout channels we use to redeem the points. Average procession time of requests through these channels is reduced from 20 days to 48 hours. We expect all the channels to be transferred to the new logic in future, this also applies to the new channels queued for integration, PayPal, for example.