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August 3, 2020

Affiliate program has been redeveloped

new announcement

Fabulous news for all those members who are ready, willing and able to recruit new people join the Project! From now on the partner gets 5 Pts. right after the friend signs-up and also the valued partner keeps receiving referral incentives when one's friends fill in the profile form or successfully complete a survey.

And it is important to mention that it never affects the reward credited for the survey completion, i.e. you are credited the same reward for a survey completion wether you have a recruiter receiving referral incentives for you or not.

We have already provided you with the links, with the banners and even the ability to recruit friends on the social media with a single click. Adding the due reward, we expect it to rise 5-15 times compared to how it functioned before. We possess such assets and will be happy to share it with serious and conscientious affiliates. We value your labor and funds invested in web-resources and/or recruitment channels and we do count on you as the "first line" between the Project Administration and the community.

Much more surveys are about to be added to the Portal and we need more fresh opinion makers like never before!