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January 30, 2020

Upcoming intense Project development cycle

megaphone for announcements

Dear valued members and guests of our paid surveys Portal, let's consider this newsletter to be the official announcement of the new serious updates pending to be implemented to Survey Harbor. Since we have launched the new version in July, 2019, the huge effort is being applied to make the Portal stable and convenient to use and I bet many of you are already enjoying the changes!

Survey Harbor veterans may remember the project being shaken often when sometimes we had to close it for the maintenance for a couple days straight each week. And I must say we are grateful to your feedback, bug reports and critics as it guides us to improve the beloved project!

Nevertheless, there are still some parts left in need of an urgent perfection. These are: the functioning speed, fault-tolerance, reducing payout terms and adding new payment channels, significant increase of survey offers. Our goal is to transform the project into an independent part-time job resource where one is able to generate a substantial piece of monthly income.

Valued member, be kindly notified that due to the serious coming updates the website once in a while will be set to maintenance mode for a few hours each time. Obviously, be ready to face any temporary malfunctions, in spite of our efforts to avoid such accidents.

Kind regards,

Anatolii, Project Founder.